ICHEP 2010

ICHEP: random collection of final impressions, and a tentative balance

ICHEP is over. After the last plenary session the few remaining braves stormed out of the auditorium, strained with conference fatigue, and headed back home. I must confess, I found a week-long conference, with six full days packed with presentations, pretty long and tiring. I'm not completely surprised that in the last days not many […]

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Paris est la France, et la France est Paris

If you have lived in France (but not in Paris) at least for a little while, you have certainly learned the hard way that there's no France outside Paris. Or, like the inhabitants of the City of Light prefer to put it, Paris est la France, et la France est Paris. While there are certainly […]

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ICHEP Day 4: the Higgs is not there. Yet.

Now we know, the Higgs boson did not show up at Tevatron. Yet. But we also know that, if it exists, we would not find it in the 158-175 GeV mass range. The finally came to an end, certainly matching the expectation, at least for what concerns the show part. Well, as for the scientific […]

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ICHEP: snapshots from Monday plenary session

Featuring Steve Myers and the status of LHC, the Spokespersons of the LHC experiments and their highlights, physicists queuing for the Presidential speech, Nicolas Sarkozy at ICHEP, the new Tevatron Higgs combination. Have fun.

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ICHEP: snapshots from Saturday sessions

The Fermi Sky Not everyone is visiting Paris (but still...) A supernova exploding in Salle Maillot Lonely poster session The trouble with Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Preparing for the President...

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  • Mi chiamo Marco Delmastro, sono un fisico delle particelle che lavora all'esperimento ATLAS al CERN di Ginevra.

    Su Borborigmi di un fisico renitente divago di vita all'estero lontani dall'Italia, fisica delle particelle e divulgazione scientifica, ricerca fondamentale, tecnologia e comunicazione nel mondo digitale, educazione, militanza quotidiana e altre amenità.

    Ho scritto un libro, Particelle familiari, che prova a raccontare cosa faccio di mestiere, e perché.

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